Spruced Co.

you, organized.

eco-minded home organizing for the bay area



Spruced Co. offers environmentally conscientious home organization services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to provide simple & thoughtful solutions that are uniquely tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle.

With our hands-on approach to your organization challenges, you will feel more in control of your clutter, while discovering a new appreciation for the things you love. 


What our clients say about spruced Co.

"Thank you Spruced Co. for making my life so much easier and keeping me organized. It's been so helpful for me to stay focused and I enjoy going through my closet a lot more!" 

-Mariama W., San Francisco

"Spruced Co. - you rocked my world! My house looks organized and keeps my family on track and focused. No more rummaging through the pantry looking for long lost boxes of raisins. Or giving my husband the evil eye every time I’d see his pile of shirts in disarray on the shelf in plain view. Now we have cute containers (that aren’t plastic) that are labeled and organized to perfection. Great service, best experience and a lasting organization system for my family."  

-Tarah B., Walnut Creek




SIMPLICTy isn't just our standard practice, it's the soul of Spruced.