The story OF Spruced.

Jordana "JoJo" Heinke and Emily Travis met in San Francisco in 2009. Their friendship evolved over the years and in 2017, the two hit upon the idea to put their shared passion and natural talents to work. Together they formed Spruced Co.

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Emily Travis


One of Emily’s first celebrity obsessions was Martha Stewart. Not much of a baker or cook, as a middle schooler, she spent her babysitting money on copies of Martha Stewart Living, pouring over the “Good Things” (organizing hacks) section. And when the Pottery Barn catalog arrived in the mail? She’d be on the phone with her friends, saying things like “Ooh, turn to page 45! Check out that hamper!”

The product of an architect and a teacher, Emily has always loved both interior design and working with children, and began her professional life teaching kindergarten. In the classroom, she learned the importance of organizing systems that are easy to use, and also durable. With the help of 18 little sets of hands, she kept things where they belonged, which made every day run smoothly.

On the weekends, you can often find her at the salvage yard or in her tiny garage, refinishing furniture. She believes that spaces should be beautiful to function at their best, and finds joy in decorating all kinds of places.




JoJo Heinke


As a child, JoJo spent many a rainy day (and more sunny ones that she'd care to admit) reorganizing her room with her two older sisters. Together, the three siblings would remove every item from their closets and drawers and begin sorting. One by one, pieces were recategorized into “keep,” “donate” or “hand-me-down” piles (as the youngest of three, JoJo was always the happy recipient of the latter). They would repeat this process until everything was stowed away and the space was all but unrecognizable.

Since those childhood days, JoJo has spent much of her adult life relishing in the discovery of a new way to fold her jeans and sweaters to fit neatly on the closet shelf in her San Francisco Victorian. As a mom, she makes a constant endeavor to simplify and organize her life, and teaches her daughter to do the same.

Over her years outfitting thousands of clients as a Senior Stylist at Stitch Fix, JoJo developed a keen eye for wardrobe curation. She now helps her clients hone and organize their wardrobes so that they become a true reflection of personal, lasting style. Helping others get and stay organized is where she finds her bliss.



For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.
— Benjamin Franklin