what is the spruced Co. method for de-cluttering?

Simplicity is the heart of Spruced Co. Our approach consists of three steps: 1) assess, 2) purge, sort, shop and 3) organize. Our organization experts will provide you with an individualized action plan based on the size and scope of your project, then tackle it either independently or alongside you for maximum efficiency.

what makes Spruced co. "eco-minded?"

At Spruced, our passion for the environment permeates our every action. We are committed to keeping your discarded items out of landfills, through our rigorous recycling practices, and by working with local non-profits and schools to handle the donation of your unwanted clothing, furniture, books, arts & crafts and other reusable items. In addition, we facilitate the responsible disposal and recycling of your household chemicals, paints and electronics. We encourage the repurposing of any containers and bins already in your home for organization projects. Finally, when a purchase is made on your behalf, we always favor wood, bamboo, cotton, glass, metal and recycled materials over plastics, wherever possible.


should i be present for all sessions with a Spruced Co. organizer?

We always ask that our clients be present for at least the first few steps of our organization process. We'll need your help assessing and sorting your belongings so that we know which items you wish to keep, store, donate, sell or discard before we can begin putting it all together. With your guidance, the Spruced Co. team will efficiently manage your project to completion for beautiful, lasting results. 

how long are organizing sessions?

Spruced sessions generally last anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on your project and needs. Some larger projects may require a couple of sessions, spread out over the course of a few days or weeks. 

when is payment collected?

Spruced Co. kindly requests a partial payment upfront to get your project started. Your initial payment confirms your organization session and holds your session date on our calendar. It also allows us to make project-specific purchases in advance on your behalf, if needed. Final payments are collected at the end of smaller projects, or weekly for larger projects.

how does spruced Co. decide what to purchase to organize my space?

Once we've completed the first 2 phases of your project (assess + sort), we'll have a good sense of what items (if any) are needed in order to complete your project. We'll make recommendations, discuss your budget, and review your style preferences using our Pinterest Style Collections, so that we can put the finishing touches on your project. In order to help you accurately budget your project costs, Spruced Co. offers personal shopping on reduced hourly rate (online and in-person). You will not be charged for any shopping trips to return unneeded items.

will spruced Co. make me get rid of my stuff?

Though we firmly believe that minimalism is the antidote to the majority of organization challenges, Spruced Co. will never require you to get rid of anything you own. We're here to help coach and guide you, and will offer an objective opinion when needed. We respect that the decision to keep, sell, donate or discard possessions is ultimately yours alone.

Will Spruced Co. handle my bulky furniture removal & disposal?

Although Spruced organizers do not personally handle the removal of bulky items, we'll happily arrange for a bulk item pick-up from your local Recology center on your behalf.


OK, so How do we get started?

Get your project started with a complimentary phone consultation, or an in-person project evaluation (fee-based). Once we've assessed your project and reviewed your goals together, we'll follow-up with an estimate and project outline. Ready to book? Click below or email us at: hello@sprucedco.com. We can't wait to work with you!